Wild About Arizona


Wildflower Sightings

Margaret & Hugo I says:

Lots of yellow flowers on Interstate 10 west of Kerrville (not sure if labeled correctly). Stopped at the picnic area off interstate, about halfway to Mountain Home, for first two pictures. Head north on 783, past James Avery, to the Ridge Marketplace, which has a nursery, outdoor gardens, and a bakery/restaurant. A hidden gem of the hill country that we happened to discover. The food was excellent, and I highly recommend the sauteed spinach. If I ate spinach like that growing up, I would have not hated it all my life!

Plants Seen: Giant Coreopsis

Sighted on: 2020-05-03

Photos from this sighting:

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Margaret & Hugo I says:

The first image with the butterfly was taken outside Blanco State Park, just before state parks reopened. Then, head north to Johnson City, where this field is in the center of the 281 and 290 intersection. Kids need to get out more? Just north of Johnson City is the Exotic Resort Zoo, which has changed its business model to a drive-thru safari, but check their website for ticket info.

Plants Seen: Coreocarpus

Sighted on: 2020-04-19

Photos from this sighting:

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