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'Ahakea Lau Nui

Bobea elatior

'Ahakea Lau Nui

Photo Name Scientific Name Common Name(s)
Small_square_ahakea_bobea 'Ahakea Bobea 'Ahakea
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Ahakea Bobea timonioides 'Ahakea
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Ahakea Lau Nui Bobea elatior 'Ahakea Lau Nui
Small_square_coprosma-ernodeoides 'Aiakanene Coprosma ernodeoides 'Aiakanene
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Akala Rubus macraei 'Akala
Small_square_akoko_bloom 'Akoko Chamaesyce arnottiana 'Akoko
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Aku Cyanea angustifolia 'Aku
'Aku 'Aku Cyanea tritomantha 'Aku 'Aku
'Akupa Bobea brevipes 'Akupa
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Ala'a Pouteria sandwicensis 'Ala'a
'Ape'ape Gunnera kauaiensis 'Ape'ape
Small_square_awikiwiki_bloom 'Awikiwiki Canavalia galeata 'Awikiwiki
'Awiwi Hedyotis cookiana 'Awiwi
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Ekoko Chamaesyce celastroides 'Ekoko
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Ena'ena Pseudognaphalium sandwicensium 'Ena'ena
'Hycrest' Agropyron ×hybrid auct. Hycrest
'Ie'ie Freycinetia arborea 'Ie'ie
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Ihi Portulaca molokiniensis 'Ihi
'Ihi Makole Portulaca sclerocarpa 'Ihi Makole
'Ilihia Cyrtandra platyphylla 'Ilihia
'Oha Kepau Clermontia hawaiiensis 'Oha Kepau
'Oha Wai Nui Clermontia arborescens 'Oha Wai Nui
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Ohe Joinvillea ascendens 'Ohe
'Ohe Kiko 'Ola Tetraplasandra waimeae 'Ohe Kiko 'Ola
'Ohe Makai Reynoldsia sandwicensis 'Ohe Makai